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Little Known Facts about Indoor Plants

Little Known Facts about Indoor Plants
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Little known Facts about Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have made most trendy home décor series with their elegant and casual look that can easily brighten up any space. Moreover, nurturing these life forms and nature’s best gift to mankind will bring plenty of joy and delight. Adding greenery to your daily living spaces can revitalize your mind and soul. It creates a  perfect balance in happiness and great stress buster than can easily liven up your mood and create a sense of peace and harmony. It connects your mind, body and soul together with the brain, senses,boosting and releasing the right neurotransmitters. This helps your mind and body to calm down and relieve the day long stress that’s been piling up on your back and shoulders. All it takes is one or few houseplants to create a large positive impact on our lives and the interior décor of our homes.

Here are a few known acts of houseplants that are sure to convince you to buy one for yourself!

  • Boosts mood

Plants are greatly known for boosting mood. A simple walk-in-the-park and a drive-through-the-woods experience can freshen up your mood and rejuvenate your mind. Nature has the ability to calm the nerves and reduce stress. The peaceful hues and altruistic nature of plants just mesmerizes the soul without any added effort. Having a good mood and a clear mind that is influenced with positivity can highly increase concentration, productivity and creativity.

  • Reduce stress and mental fatigue

It is no doubt that the amazing effects of nature can enhance your mood and greatly benefit your mental and emotional health. This primarily happens due to reduction of stress and other forms of negative energy that consumes our mind and body throughout the day. Plants can effectively reduce and eliminate stress giving you a peaceful frame of mind. These plants have a therapeutic effects on humans and are cheaper than a therapist!

  • Cures sore throats, fatigue and common colds

Sore throats are painful and prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. It also irritates and constantly prevents you from concentrating on your work and studies all day long. Spending time around certain plants like Lavender, Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Basil and Mint serve as good remedial herbs that can help cure sore throats, colds etc. The fragrance of plants, like lavender, have therapeutic benefits that can enhance mood and leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

  • Creates a sense of accomplishment

When you look after plants and take care of them, your quality of life is likely to improve. This happens due to a feeling of accomplishment that grows within you when you see your plant growing healthy and well. Being able to nurture a living plant becomes a part of your experience and brings great joy and happiness when you see all your hard work being paid off. The plant flourishes and grows happily with your care and affection and will definitely make you feel proud and accomplished.

  • They clean the air around you

Effects of pollution have now begun to evidently manifest itself in various ways like on our skin, hair, and overall well-being. Plants are said to be natural air purifiers that can easily purify the air around by absorbing and eliminating harmful toxins, including carcinogens. Indoor air is as polluted as the outdoor air, so feeling safe inside your homes is not enough. Hence, plants come to our rescue and help remove all toxins from the air we breathe in.

  • They are the best companions

While friends and family are the best people to rely on in times of both happiness and grief, sometimes we may still feel alone and not feel like bothering others with our lives. Moreover, we can’t expect someone to be willing to listen to everything we have to say. Plants are just the right companions to rely on, because they don’t get tired of humans constantly chatting, whining, ranting or expressing joy.

  • They are okay being left alone

Some people may portray that plants are very high-maintenance and require constant and full attention, well experiences of several knowledgeable and skilled houseplant owners say otherwise. Though they obviously do require occasional care to fulfill their needs, they are not as needy as it seems. They can easily thrive under neglect and occasional watering. All you need to do if you are worried about not giving enough attention is to look for extremely low maintenance plants that will perfectly fit with your schedule.

  • They make good pets

Like pets, plants are also great buddies. They acknowledge your existence, return your love and affection, and help you feel better about yourselves. You can pet them by watering and giving them a sunbath according their requirements. They also play with you by growing good foliage and bloom. It is great to feed your plant every day and occasionally change and repot them. You will feel happy watching your plant doing well.

  • A plant who is shedding leaves can still be healthy

It is good to not quickly judge the state of the plant by noticing a few signs. Sometimes, even though it may manifest some clear signs like shedding or leaves or wilting your plant may still be healthy. Sometimes overwatering can cause wilting due to the excess water blocking the spaces in soil which suffocates the roots. Hence, a little drying the soil and leaving the plant untouched for a few weeks can help.

Shedding is common in certain plants who go dormant in some seasons without any reasons. These plants are easy to care. Keep them in bright, indirect sunlight and let them peacefully rest so they can come back brighter and energized.

  • Houseplants are allergic to dust

Dust is a common problem in home and outdoor. This dust settles on various things at home, including plants. This blocks the stomata on the leaves and makes it harder for the plants to carry out photosynthesis. This issue can be solved by dusting the leaves just like other furniture is dusted. A clean cloth, dusting brush or a wet sponge can be used for this purpose.