7 Types Of Valentine’s Bouquet

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day where you celebrate the feeling of love with your loved ones, and this celebration is incomplete without flowers. Surprise your love by delivering the mesmerizing bouquet of valentine’s flowers at their doorstep. 

A lovely bouquet of Red Roses: Will you be mine forever?

The very first picture that appears in our mind when we talk about love is of rose, as we have seen it everywhere that how people associate love with rose, the perfect example of it is our Bollywood movies that how an actor bend down on its one knee and proposes its partner with a single-stemmed red rose and how we enact the same moment with our partner by being aspired from them. The expression of love is incomplete with a rose that’s why the valentine’s week gets it ceremonial start with a rose day. Give an incredible bouquet of rose to your beloved, and express your true and passionate desire for her. For that, you don’t have to visit your local florist for melting your sweeties’ heart. All you have to do is to visit flaberry.com and book an enchanting bunch of joy and happiness. 

A Mix Flower Bouquet: Just Stay with Me!!

Valentine’s day flowers are not just limited to rose as we can try out the other varieties of flowers as well. Add different emotions to your bouquet by picking up the types of flowers. Each flower has its mixed feelings, and every sentiment is described by its distinct colour. So, you can pick the different coloured flower that beautifully describes your every emotion. A perfect valentine’s day bouquet can be the combination of anthurium, daisies, rose, orchids, carnations, iris, hydrangeas and petunia. 


A Mesmerizing Bouquet of carnations: Mom I Love You

We don’t have to think much while picking up the romantic flowers for our beloved. But the scenario gets changed when we have to choose the flowers for our dear moms, as we have to be a little bit sophisticated while selecting the perfect flowers. What flowers would be better than a splendid bouquet of carnations? 


A bunch of Tulips is All You want: You are mine

Tulips are the fantastic flowers that beautifully define the love, care and respect; you have for your loved ones. These pretty flowers are enough to leave a long-lasting impressing on the recipient’s mind. There is no restriction of picking up a particular colour of flowers, as unusual myriad hued blooms will bring a smile on receiver’s face. 

A Luxurious Bouquet of Orchids will surely take your breath away: Oh, gosh! You are so gorgeous

How we can forget tulips while talking about the love flowers. Spellbound your soul-mate and elevate your connection that is made with a beautiful combination of friendship, passion and excitement. Also, you can plan a beautiful date with your partner and allow her to gorge on her favourite chocolates by gifting her, the assorted chocolate hamper. 


A Romantic ‘Ranunculus Bunch’ is All You Need: You Are Special

Ranunculus blooms serve the puree of charm and elegance for your partner. This is a perfect time, where you can fall in love all over again with your partner, and pause the time forever. The aura of tulip flowers is so powerful that it will always release its soothing effect on the recipients’ mind and will create relishing memories for them.


Is Your Partner Resembles The Characters of ‘Alstromeria’: Add Wonders To Your Princess’s Life 

Alstromeria beautifully describes the feelings of friendship and devotion. If you also have a real passion for your partner in your heart, then a perfect arrangement of alstroemeria is all you need to confess your love for your partner. If flowers give words to your emotions, then its colours create an aura for it. So, a scarlet red bouquet of alstroemeria will go aptly with the occasion. The perfect blooms will perfectly depict the softer side of your partner and will make the moment most ravishing for her. 


Sending Diwali Gifts & Wishes is Now Simple!

Diwali means ‘festival of lights’ and it is celebrated by all Indians with great enthusiasm. It is celebrated on the account of coming back of Lord Rama from his 14-year long exile to Ayodhya and set up a great example of victory over the evil forces. As per the Hindu calendar, Amavasya (the moonless night) in the month of November is considered auspicious for celebrating Diwali.

All the houses, offices, streets are brightly lit up with colorful lights. People lit rows of diyas in their balcony and verandah for giving a more pleasing look to our houses. Its true essence is derived by celebrating it with all those people whom we love. The celebration starts with the exchange of gifts and mouth-watering dishes with our dear ones.

If someone asks to describe festivals and occasions in a few words then the answer will surely be celebrating togetherness. But what to do if we get settled in another city for work? And have no option for meeting our family. Festivals are the only time when we need our family the most. Well, we can’t deny the fact that we are very far away from them, but we can make our relatives and family’s Diwali special by sending them beautiful flowers like orchids, roses, carnations, lilies and many more.

Flaberry can simplify your work in your sending wishes to them and can help you out in choosing the best possible option. You can check out our website from anywhere and at any time and there you will find numerous gifting options for both children and grown-ups. From a lovely bouquet of flowers to delicious cakes and chocolates, you will find everything here. With just a few clicks you will be landed up in the world of exciting gifts and jaw-dropping deals.

Keep spreading happiness and happy Diwali!!

Ideas for the Flowery Halloween Party

Halloween is celebrated on 31st of October. Halloween is celebrated as a fun-loving occasion for the enjoyment. On this day everyone decorates their house to make it scary and a haunted house with a range of scary flower decors and other related stuff. It originated in Latin America but slowly it has got prominence and like a true witch it has spread wings across continents and geography. Indeed it has become so popular in India that the kids of today might miss celebrating Diwali but they don’t miss on celebrating Halloween.

I am sure you would have got request from your kids to allow them to host the party at home but you aren’t sure how to decorate then don’t you worry we have got everything covered for you.Read On !

The thumb rule of the Halloween Theme House Decor is that when a person enters the house he has to scream !

Entrance has to be fairly attractive and it can mix of orange flowers of Gerbera & Daisy flowers which are easily available or with other artificial items used to look it horror filled.Some of the designs which can are shown below…Since we are doing for our Kids we are showing here things which are slightly less scary

You can also have this beautiful design of flowers in wreath shape and pumpkin hanging on the door

Now since the Main Door is done lets hop on to the hall where the party is gonna take place. The first thing we should bear in Mind here is that we should have umpteen open space for the kids to play but its doesn’t loose the elegance of the Halloween theme we recommend to place Table Top Arrangements at different strategic locations in the space earmarked for party.

Blood Red Roses with Black skull

They’re super easy, chic and a little bit creepy! It’s one of my easy Halloween decorations! as you just need a good skull and some Blood Red Roses.It can be kept on the center of the dining table , it will look scary for this event and serve its purpose this season. The red rose gives the feeling of the blood and calls blood loving satan’s. The thin sticks coming out of the vase even scare the person more. The old skull
even scare more. The flower in this skull shape vase can scare any person and make them scream.

Artistically Stained Roses with roots

Keep couple of them in the room to get a frightening feeling

Orange Daisy’s with green fillers and white Skeleton

This is very nice aesthetically done by one of our florist

Kids would definitely like this and be ready for some grand selfie moments and yes done mistake this with Gandhiji Monkeys

Colourful Draculas

Its a kids party hence there out to be something colourful as well …The aforementioned picture is colourful with Purple Daisy, Dark Purple carnations , green buttons and yes some skeletons to give it Halloween look

To give the house a witch home effect the people can keep this vase at the center table. The vase is containing a broom that gives it a witch look and the orange sunflower and the red sunflowers in the Halloween colors give it a Halloween touch The brown colored leaves gives this bouquet an old look and symbolise bad things. The broom gives it a scary look to the vase, so, all in all, it looks scary and pretty at the same time.

I hope you are ready for a great Halloween Party and yes don’t forget to treat the kids or else you could be tricked in the “Trick and Treat” game ….Now Get the Halloween Coats on and brace up for the fun in store !

Halloween is a time that is filled with creativity. As you can visualise most the of the arrangements require some floral expertise but if you have some knack for experimentation and creative mindset you will find these activities very interesting and can be easily incorporated . If you are looking for some professional we are right there for you just buzz flaberry and we will be at your place anywhere in India to create the scariest Halloween party ever !


The Beginning!

The rich texture, the lustrous fragrance, the soothing feeling, a delight for our senses – all this swells in the air when a flower blossoms. It blossoms when pollen from one flower is carried over to the other by an external agent – be it a busy bee, or a hummingbird, or a butterfly, or just the wind as it squanders over a meadow frolicking under the warm gaze of the sun. (Or it could be the fairy as was mentioned in the totally true, not made up, completely real story!)

Yes, this is how relationships too blossom. Today’s society calls for a protocol of exchange of gifts between individuals that builds the bonds of a beautiful relationship over time. This is where Flaberry.com comes in! Did you know that the hummingbird flaps its wings over 100 times in a minute? Well metaphorically, we work equally as hard to provide you with a prospective gift, be it day after day or week after week (you know you can’t buy a diamond necklace every other week right?!).

Hmmm, where were we? Oh yeah! What do we do? Well, ever get tired of forgetting to stop by that flower shop now and then, or get vexed by the unavailability of your wife’s favorite flowers of a particular type or favourite colour at the only bouquet shop in the district? Did you forget your anniversary or just want to get out of the doghouse? Or wait, maybe you’re just a flower loving, deranged maniac?! Well fret not! Flaberry.com is a portal where all your gifting priorities take first base. We offer a professional and personalized experience to all your needs. Love doesn’t have boundaries and hence long distances across the country shouldn’t have to be a problem – we take care of that too! We have a solution to every occasion that you can think of – be it an anniversarybirthdaycongratulationsget well soonlove & romancenew-born babygifts for teachers, “I miss you”, “I’m sorry”, thank you and what-not! Your mundane lives will no longer be the weight of the sky on your shoulders. Everyone loves a surprise now and being an ignorant to the outlying reality isn’t going to cut it! Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The earth laughs in flowers.” Well then! Why don’t we just spread some laughter and joy in the direction of our loved ones?

Flowers are a representation of goodwill, spring, and life. They are an anonymous method of representation of our feelings and a very effective one indeed. Anything from a simple “Happy birthday” to “I miss you” to “I’m sorry” can be expressed without the need to muster up the courage of verbally expressing it. A blossoming relationship takes time. However, today’s generation doesn’t have time. Someone once said,

Nobody sees a flower – really – it is so small it takes time – we haven’t time – and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time

Flaberry.com takes the initiative of being a friend and takes the time necessary to respect people’s need and desire. We hence offer our amenities as a friend would offer his help – with love and respect. We acknowledge each flower as an aspect of love and nurture it to fulfill nature’s desire for spreading love to all.