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How to decorate our homes with plants?

How to decorate our homes with plants?
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How to decorate our homes with plants?

Interior designing is very common and requires a lot of thought and energy to bring about the right kind of style to your home. In the end, nothing is more satisfying than an aesthetically pleasing interior décor. Styling and designing the interiors of any place is indeed very therapeutic. However, it is not as easy as it seems; even though you may go ahead with the picture in your head. Moreover, the anxiety about how it will turn out in real life stays.

Plants and nature is an inevitable part of our lives. Also, we have them everywhere and are happy to be around them. A good time spent with nature can help build tranquility in our hearts and have a complete peace of mind. However, to spend quality time with plants and greenery in general. So, we have to get out of our homes which may be a little tiring and not possible all the time. Above all, How about solving this issue by making your own garden within your homes? Plants make great interior décor and can add to the natural, fresh look of your homes.

Houseplants can be shifted and moved anywhere you like, unlike photo frames and other wall hanging decor; this trial and error gives you so much more clarity about what suites best. Moreover, you can enjoy the numerous benefits the plants have to offer, like reduction in indoor air pollution, clean and fresh oxygenated air, relaxing atmosphere, nature’s soothing vibes inside homes and the aesthetic appeal of the place it is kept in. Plants are widely known to reduce stress; returning back home from a stressful day at work to a much calm and relaxing environment of your homes is indeed very therapeutic. A simple act of watering your plants can rejuvenate your mind of the day long hassle. Dealing with the natural décor of your house is comparatively easy.

You may be curious about how this may work out, but it is not that hard! This blog will guide you about the various ways you can add houseplants into your natural home décor which will fit right with other pieces of your interior décor.

10 Ways to decorate your home with plants:

  • Add plants to your kitchen: Plants can make an ordinary kitchen look striking and glamorous within no time. Having plants kept against plain subtle coloured walls in your kitchen will enliven and make your kitchen stand out as different and elegant.
  • Pair the houseplant with wall art: You can create a theme by using photo frames with pictures or paintings which go well with the plants. So, this will give an interesting look to your room.
  • Fill up small corners: One of the best things about plants is that they come in various sizes that can perfectly fit in any places. Certain small corners in our homes can be annoying as they look plain and awkward. Plants are the perfect candidates to aesthetically cover up such corners.
  • Use plant stands: One of the most interesting ways of adding excitement to the look of your room is to use plant stands to display the plants in your homes. These stands are widely available in different designs and shapes. Choose the one which complements the other décor of the room and you are good to go.
  • Go for the Bohemian look: Give your room the perfect aesthetic by hanging wall art decorated in frames. Plants go great with the Bohemian art as the dash of green perfectly complements it.
  • Bring interesting and unique planters for the plants to grow in: The pot in which the plant stands or hangs is very important to increase the visual appeal of the room. Make sure to choose wisely; go for something that matches with the furniture. Some colours that easily go with anything are white, royal blue and black. Also make sure to use different size pots for different plants. Group three plants in one corner and try to keep one of three taller to break up the visual focus.
  • Style your staircases: Keeping a tall plant at the stair landing is the one of the most common yet aesthetic ways of styling your homes. This will brighten up the look of the staircases as well as the hallway that leads to it.
  • Form a focal point: When you group certain planters of the same colour for one particular space it creates a focal point. Try grouping certain white and cream pots of different sizes in one space and you will immediately see the appeal. Always pair a big plant with smaller ones.
  • Pair small desk plants with mirrors: Buy small plants that go on tabletops and style them in front of fancy mirrors. The reflection of these plants will create a good green lush in subtly decorated rooms and give it a very simple yet elegant look.
  • Look for plants with unique features to break the monotony: The plant kingdom has several plants, all with interesting features, for us to choose from. Try to find a plant with a different colour splash or leaf shape, this will help break the green monotony. Plants like succulents and certain long trailing vines perfectly do the job of adding the “different” to your natural décor.


Light requirements of Indoor Plants:

Being a plant parent is quite a challenge until you begin to understand the behavior of your plants. You will know what exactly your plant means by just looking at it one you are familiar with it. Light is undoubtedly the most important factor that determines the growth and health of any plant; the plants require light to process food in the leaves that is released out as oxygen for us to breathe in. Without enough light, the plant will be deprived of energy and eventually begin to deplete.

Initially it is hard to understand the light requirement of your plants. A good research on your plant will definitely help you understand where and how to place your plant for it to receive adequate amounts of light.

There are three main types of interior lighting:

1)      Bright light

2)      Low light

3)      Indirect light

4)      Artificial lighting

Your interior plants require one amongst the above mentioned lighting. A good study and research on various plants and their lighting requirements will help you choose the best plant suited with the lighting environment in your homes.


Why decorate your homes with plants?

Plants are nature’s beautiful stress busters that not only just help you relax and rejuvenate but also have several health benefits. They are known to be natural air purifiers that clean the air by absorbing several toxins present and give out pure oxygenated air for us to breathe in. They add life to the environment around you, and most importantly boost your mood which increases attention, concentration and allows maximum thought process. Plants are also known to reduce noise levels and chase away pesky insects. The list of advantages are never ending!

Hence, having them at home will only create a soothing and relaxing environment for you to live in. Get a plant to add to the interior décor of your homes and experience the nature’s relaxing and soothing aura being spread inside that keeps you and the people you’re living with positive and happy throughout the day.


Decorating the different places of your home with plants

Homes are more than just a place of living also they are a feeling and something our heart is so dearly attach to; they are our ultimate comfort zones. Therefore, there is no denial that home is where the heart is and is also the place where we find our peace and it is always a good idea to decorate and brighten up the living spaces.

Introducing gorgeous green houseplants into your homes can be a very interesting and innovative addition to your home décor. Like mentioned before, plants will look absolutely stunning when styled appropriately in the setting, in any place it is kept in. Plants not only add to the interior décor of your homes but give you the experience of nature’s relaxing and soothing aura right at your homes; they are known to brighten up spaces and give an instant mood boost to people surrounding it. Here are various places that can be decorate with houseplants:

  • Desks: Workspaces can be boring for some and intimidating for some others, as it becomes an important part of our monotonous routine. However, this issue can be solved with a very interesting and cost effective idea of placing a plant on your desks where you spend most of your time working, which will help increase your focus on your work. Plants can easily transform your workspaces into more peaceful, bright and innovative corners that will excite you to work more. Houseplants are more than just another addition to your interior décor. Studies show that certain houseplants are natural air purifiers that clean the air by reducing indoor air pollutants like Benzene and Formaldehyde. Breathing clean and fresh air immediately rejuvenates your mind and freshens your mood. You will end up being less stressed and more relaxed; having a relaxed state of mind increases attention, concentration and focus in your work. You’ll find creative ideas and innovative strategies seeping into your brain effortlessly. Plants have a direct effect on your mood that in turn has an effect on your cognitive capacity. Having desk plants is an amazing idea for décor as well as for your renewed motivation.


  • Bedrooms: Considering the several benefits of plants, its ability to rejuvenate and relax one’s mind definitely stands out. Due to this very reason, experts suggest having a houseplant in your bedrooms. We tend to spend most of our time relaxing or working in living rooms or bedrooms; it is equally important to make both these spaces calm and relaxing. After a long tiring day, when we finally hit the beds, we usually expect a good night’s sleep. Having plants like MILT, Philodendron, Peace lily etc, in bedrooms will improve your sleep environments and help you sleep better. Moreover, breathing fresh and clean air at night will definitely keep us healthy.
  • Living rooms: It is no doubt that living rooms are the public spaces of your private homes; it is the place the entire family gathers for a movie night, important discussions or chill on a lazy Sunday morning. To decorate this place with plants is a great choice. They are sure to give life to your living rooms by sitting in empty awkward corners that you just don’t understand what to do with. Plants like Sansevieria, Flamingo flower, and Peace Lily perfectly fit in any setting without seeming like you’ve overdone your décor. Moreover, they are good for your mental and physical well-being. There is no reason why you shouldn’t get plants for your living rooms.
  • Bathrooms: Certain forgotten places of the home like the bathrooms are also in much need of some texture and warmth. If you feel that it is not so ideal to spend on décor for the bathroom. You may opt for plants that are perfect candidates for low cost. Minimal styling which is just enough to bring in the well required warmth, texture and relaxing vibes. Certain plants like Aloe Vera, Peace lily and ZZ plant that require high humidity for their growth and well-being can easily adapt to the highly humid environment of your bathrooms.


Vaastu and Plants

If your belief system is based on vastu and its principles. You must know that certain plants are highly compatible with the vastu and are known to do wonders by energizing. Your surroundings and creating a positive environment. A little research on the plants that are compatible with the vastu and the direction of their placement. In your households will give you a long-term benefit of plants and its effects on the vibes surrounding you. Only certain plants like Money plant, Aloe Vera, Holy basil etc. comply with the vaastu principles. Moreover it is necessary to place them in the right direction to attract positivity and good fortune. Make sure to reap all benefits from the right plant by choosing the most suitable plant for you.


Plants and mental health

Plants can do more than just help you reach your household aesthetic goals. Whilst beautifully accessorizing and livening up your house. Plants play a vital role in boosting your mood and enhancing your mental health. You will also find yourself happier, emotionally healthy, and capable of building strong good relationships with people. Studies have shown that spending time in a calm. A peaceful environment like that around plants plays a key role in enhancing overall. The well-being of humans as it improves mood and cognition.

Reduces the negative effects of stress. Boosts physical health and induces positive feelings that in turn promote and encourage positive behaviour and reduces anger, frustration and aggression. Being around plants that are natural air purifiers can easily enhance your mood. As you breathe in clean and freshly oxygenated air. There is a direct correlation between plants, mental health and self-care. As having plants directly enhances your mental health which contributes to self-care.