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DIY – Design your Plant Shelf and make good use the time

DIY – Design your Plant Shelf and make good use the time
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DIY – Design your Plant Shelf and make good use of the time

Indoor plants are beneficial to human health multiple ways; having plant is said to promote physical, psychological, spiritual and mental well-being. Arranging and displaying these houseplants inside your homes also plays a vital role in deciding the aesthetics of the place. The way they are decorated can greatly influence your mood and the overall look of the place it is kept in.

Plant shelves are great choices to display your indoor plants. While you can easily buy one creating one on your own can be more exciting and fun. Designing your own plant shelves can be something to be extremely proud of. Moreover it is great work to be indulged in for all those art and craft enthusiasts who love spending their time doing artsy stuff.

Here is a guide on various ways to design your own plant shelves:

  • Elite wooden shelves

Small wooden stands that can go anywhere from the floor to kitchen counters, dressing tables, bookshelves, and a nightstands are very easy to make and will perfectly add to the much required elegance and aesthetic of the house.

  • Hanging shelves

A flat wooden or plastic round and some yarn can make a great hanging shelf for plants. They can be hanged near windows or doors. You can use screws or simply tie the yarn to the curtain rod.

  • Shoe rack shelves

The shoe rack can make a great plant stand. Any old shoe racks can be painted and polished and decorated with several tiny plants in elegant planters arranged neatly on the rack. This will add the much needed aesthetic to the place and also accommodate many plants at once.

  • Marble stand

A small piece of tile from the upper surface which is supported by four legs made up of anything strong enough to hold the weight of thee tile placed above. This will make a great stand for the plants to be kept on.

  • Plant throne

A few threads holding together four piece of wood at a distance can make a great stand for small plants to be kept in. It will look like their own mini throne. You can use several colours of threads to match with the other décor and place them on study tables, book shelves and other tabletops.

  • Wire stands

This is a simply DIY Technique which can be done using old wires that you no longer require. Elegant and modern plant stand in any shape and size can be made using this technique.

  • Pole stand

If you have long trailing vines, you can decorate a pole by painting and designing over it and make a stand that frames a particular wall and let the vine climb over the entire length and breadth of the frame that has been created. This will give a much required elegance to the place.

  • Basket stands

You can use old fruit baskets to grow your plants in it. This kept together with other pieces of home décor will definitely brighten up the spaces and give your room a very elite and beautiful look.

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