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Clever ways to style your indoor plants

Clever ways to style your indoor plants
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Clever ways to style your indoor plants

Interior designing is very common and requires a lot of thought and energy to bring about the right kind of style to your home. In the end, nothing is more satisfying than an aesthetically pleasing interior décor. Styling and designing the interiors of any place is indeed very therapeutic. However, it is not as easy as it seems; even though you may go ahead with the picture in your head, the anxiety about how it will turn out in real life stays. Several things come under décor – Furniture, tiles, wall paint, wallpapers, centrepieces etc. Trying to arrange and coordinate everything with each other can be an exhausting task.

To overcome issues related to coordination and placement errors, the option of décor to choose are houseplants. Houseplants can be shifted and moved anywhere you like, unlike photo frames and other wall hanging decor; this trial and error give you so much more clarity about what suites best. Moreover, you can enjoy the numerous benefits the plants have to offer, like reduction in indoor air pollution, clean and fresh oxygenated air, relaxing atmosphere, nature’s soothing vibes inside homes and the aesthetic appeal of the place it is kept in.

Plants are widely known to reduce stress; returning home from a stressful day at work to a much calm and relaxing environment of your homes is indeed very therapeutic. A simple act of watering your plants can rejuvenate your mind off the day-long hassle. Dealing with the natural décor of your house is comparatively easy. There are several ways of styling your indoor spaces with plants and pots.

Given the situation of today’s competitive world with commotion and bustle that brings in a lot of anxiety, stress and worry. The mental health of people today is at risk as it is not prioritized. Having plants is an excellent choice and favour you’ll be doing to yourself. It will give you the peace of mind you require along with refreshing your living spaces by adding the lush green colour of nature.

You can mix-up your style game and always find creative ideas to use plants in styling your interiors. We have put together several ideas of designing your interiors with plants and the pots that they come in which only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the rooms.

1)      Bring interesting and unique planters for the plants to grow in: The pot in which the plant stands or hangs is very important to increase the visual appeal of the room. Make sure to choose wisely; go for something that matches with the furniture. Some colours that easily go with anything are white, royal blue and black. Also, make sure to use different size pots for different plants. Group three plants in one corner and try to keep one of three taller to break up the visual focus.

2)      Form a focal point: When you group certain planters of the same colour for one particular space it creates a focal point. Try grouping certain white and cream pots of different sizes in one space and you will immediately see the appeal. Always pair a big plant with smaller ones.

3)   Look for plants with unique features to break the monotony: The plant kingdom has several plants also all with interesting features, for us to choose from. Try to find a plant with a different colour splash or leaf shape, this will help break the green monotony. Plants like succulents and certain long trailing vines perfectly do the job of adding the “different” to your natural décor.

4)      Pair the houseplant with wall art: You can create a theme by using photo frames with pictures or paintings which go well with the plants. This will give an interesting look to your room.

5)      Use plant stands: One of the most interesting ways of adding excitement to the look of your room. This is to use plants stands to display the plants in your homes. So, these stands are widely available in different designs and shapes. Therefore, choose the one which complements the other décor of the room and you are good to go!