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Benefits of keeping Money Plant at Home

Benefits of keeping Money Plant at Home
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Benefits of keeping Money Plant at Home

When we think about adorning our homes we always think of doing our best. We often try to find low cost yet reliable things to make our spaces prettier. Having a well-set-up home emits positive and calm energy that an otherwise messy home wouldn’t. It is so good to go the extra mile to figure out. How to make our living spaces more pleasant and optimistic.

We all love greenery that nature has blessed us with; a small drive to the hills or walk in the garden can easily rejuvenate our minds and help us feel better. Have you thought of bringing the rejuvenating aura of nature indoors? Plants are an amazing addition to your décor that not only just adorn your spaces but are also prove to be very beneficial for your health as they purify the air from harmful toxins and create a rejuvenating environment for you to relax in right inside your homes. The list of the several benefits of plants is never-ending. However, if you are looking for something that will quickly spread positivity and attract good fortunate towards itself, then the Money Plant has to be it.

The Money plant, commonly called the Golden Pothos, Devil’s Ivy or the Devil’s vine, is a popular Feng Shui and Vastu houseplant known to fill the house with good fortune and prosperity. It is also known to increase wealth. The benefits of the Money plant are endless, however, to state a few. They are natural air purifiers that filter the air and create a clean environment around you. You will breathe in clean and freshly oxygen air that is sure to reduce stress, anxiety and worries and help you have a relaxing night’s sleep.

Let’s have a look at all the benefits of having a money plant in details:

1)     It brings prosperity and good wealth

Money plant is consider to be the epitome of good luck. As children, we may have pictured a money plant to grow currency notes instead of leaves; as funny as that may sound it is not entirely false. The money plant, as the name suggests, is well known to bring abundant wealth to the inhabitant of the house it is place in. The unique heart-shaped leaves are say to strengthen relationships between people and nurture good positive feelings for each other. However, make sure to not place the Money plant in the North-East or South-East direction as it is consider inauspicious and can result in financial instability and ruining of relationships.

2)     It purifies air

You can reap more benefits by having a money plant right inside your homes rather than outdoors. This is because the plant is say to purify the air by absorbing harmful toxins like xylene, benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide that contaminate the indoor air. Since you spend most of your time indoors and given the growing concern about indoor air pollution, it is realistic and ideal to grow this plant indoors. Working as a natural air purifier, this plant contributes to healthy living.

3)     It absorbs radiation

The radiations coming out of the mobile phones, television, microwaves, ovens and other electronic appliances commonly used at home. Are very harmful to human health. Having a money plant placed near these devices is consider beneficial as it absorbs these harmful radiations before it may reach your body.

4)     Reduces stress and anxiety

In today’s competitive world every human tends to stress and worry about one thing or another. It is necessary to detoxify yourself from the daily stress by dedicating a certain time of the day only for yourself. Which you must spend engaging in activities that relax and rejuvenate your mind, even if it is to just sleep! The money plant creates a calm soothing environment for you to relax. It ease all the tension tightening up your brain cells. Keeping one in your bedroom will help you sleep better.