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What Plants to Gift on Farewell

What Plants to Gift on Farewell
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Gifting your corporate clients is necessary as it helps strengthen strong friendly relations with them. Receiving a gift is a delightful experience and it helps create a sense of deep connection to the giver and a sense of positive personal attachment to the recipient. So several companies and marketers have long relied on the power of gifting and their clients to secure their relationships with them. Moreover, gift-giving is a perfectly appropriate idea as it has a powerful correlation to the psychological impact of the client and is a very strong promotional strategy to use as a part of overall marketing because of its effectiveness in terms of ROI and satisfaction.

Similarly, this small but meaningful gesture influences feelings of trust, confidence and reciprocity. A well-timed gift will remind the clients that their business is appreciate and encourages them to stick to your company and continue their service. And it establishes an emotional connect of the client with the company.

However, choosing an appropriate gift for corporate clients can get a little tricky. The best suggestion is to gift a plant.  People working in a corporate set up need to coordinate well with each other whilst maintaining proper decorum; it is very basic and unsaid that these people put in a lot of efforts and seek appreciation for their hard work. Appreciating one’s work and effort is directly proportional to their motivation, enthusiasm and productivity. A personalized commitment on your part can work wonders on your client and help him stay focused and motivated throughout. Therefore, by considering giving a natural plant to your corporate clients. You can easily add more value to your words of appreciation. A plant, unlike fresh cut flowers, lasts longer and means deeper.

Given below are five plants that are suitable to gift corporate clients:

1)   Golden Pothos

Commonly known as the Devil’s ivy, this low-maintenance plant does more than just add a tropical effect to the room with its dull golden and green variegated foliage; the golden pothos help purify the air by removing hazardous chemicals. This plant for sure has ticked all boxes of being an ideal gift.

2)   Flamingo Flower

Also known as the laceleaf, this plant is a perfect gift if you are looking for something different and elegant. With its glossy green foliage and striking red flowers. Therefore, the Flamingo Flower is an amazing choice of plant to grow indoors as it adds a touch of luxury to any space. Above all, they also thrive easily under neglect and aren’t hard to take care of.

3)   The lucky Bamboo plant

In addition, the lucky bamboo is a great choice of gift as it is known for bringing good luck, peace, happiness, wealth, love and much more. Above all, they can easily be grown in either water or soil and thrive well in any extreme conditions. So the lucky bamboo requires very less maintenance and is very easy to transport as it is sturdy and arranged in a quite petite manner.

4)   MILT Sansevieria

This striped green beauty is a natural air purifier that thrives on low maintenance and purifies the air by absorbing toxins and producing fresh oxygen, even at night! Yes, this yellow striped elegant beauty as well as releases oxygen even at night. Making itself an amazing choice of bedroom plant. Along with fresh air these plants are very effortless and add joy to any place it is kept in.

 5)   Bonsai plants

As well as the Bonsai plants are one of the perfect candidates for gifting. It requires a minimum amount of care and thrives easily even under neglect. Your clients will be happy to receive this plant as they can enjoy the beauty and joy of nature’s finest inside their homes without having to worry about taking care of it. It adds lovely topical touch to any space. It is kept in and symbolizes strength which perfectly suites the tough spirit of the plant.