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Vastu and Plants

Vastu and Plants
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Vastu and Plants

Plants are indeed very beneficial to be kept at home as they attract positive vibes and refresh your surroundings. By cleansing the air we breathe, houseplants have gained major popularity for being natural air purifiers. However, with several other benefits that fit right within the budget of many. However, if your belief system is based on Vastu and its principles, you must know that certain plants are highly compatible with the Vastu and are known to do wonders by energizing your surroundings and creating a positive environment.

Interesting, right? A little research on the plants that are compatible with the Vastu and the direction of their placement in your households will give you a long-term benefit of plants and their effects on the vibes surrounding you. It is necessary to know that only certain plants comply with the Vastu Shastra principles and placing the plant in the right direction is equally important because an error in placement can cause more harm than good as it is believe to bring bad luck to the residents of the house.

Make sure to reap all benefits from the right plant by choosing the most suitable plant for you. Following is the list of few Vastu plants to rightfully choose from-

1)   Lucky Bamboo Plant

The lucky bamboo is a great choice of houseplant to gift yourself and your loved ones as it is known for bringing good luck, peace, happiness, wealth, love and much more. They can easily be grown in either water or soil and thrive well in any extreme conditions. The lucky bamboo requires very less maintenance and is very easy to transport as it is sturdy and arranged in a quite petite manner. The yellow colour bark is prefer over the dark-brown colour. Also, make sure to not use the dwarfed bamboo as it goes against nature


2)   Money plant

The money plant the most popular plant to be use in the practices of Vastu shastra. It is link to Venus and is say to strengthen the bond between husband and wife. This is commonly believe to bring good fortune and wealth to the people. It is surround by when placed in the north or east direction of the house. This plant can serve the purpose of being a unique yet meaningful decor for your living spaces as you will have a constant source of the much-needed good luck. Choose a beautiful, and exquisite planter to go with this plant and you are good to go!

3)   Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant is a very well-known and popular succulent with multiple benefits to human health. It is so right choice for attracting positive energy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The gel present in the leaves of Aloe Vera can be consume raw or as refreshing drinks or apply on the skin and hair as a part of your daily skin and hair regimen. It purifies the air by absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide and producing fresh oxygen for you to breathe in. According to the Vastu, having an Aloe Vera plant place in the north-east direction can positively influence your life with numerous health benefits.

4)   Sansevieria

This striped yellow-green beauty is a natural air purifier that strives to remove major indoor toxins responsible for the sick building syndrome. The MILT Sansevieria is the beacon of so positivity and blessing for good health. It thrives on low maintenance and most importantly, purifies the air by absorbing toxins and producing fresh oxygen, even at night! Yes, this elegant beauty releases oxygen even at night, making itself an amazing choice of bedroom plant. Along with so fresh air, these plants very effortlessly add joy to any place it is kept in.

5)   Tulsi (Holy Basil)

The holy basil is consider very auspicious and sacred when placed in the north, east or the north-east direction. It is the most popular houseplants use as per Vastu shastra. The leaves can be consumed since it is very beneficial to health; it purifies the blood from toxins which in-turn promotes so healthy blood circulation and digestion. However, the trait highly regarded by the Vastu is the plant’s excellent ability to purify the air surrounding it. It thrives in the abundance of sunlight and air.