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The Ultimate Guide for Buying Plants Online

The Ultimate Guide for Buying Plants Online
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Know Everything of Buying Plants Online

The introduction of plants to the realms of your home only comes with several advantages, some of which include reduction of stress and fatigue, enhanced mood, increase in concentration and most importantly clean non-toxic indoor air.  I am sure you would have bought plants in your life either from your neighbourhood nurseries or some gardener would have brought this at your home. Who would have thought that a pandemic will just engulf the world  ? And we need to look out for an alternate avenue to buy plants for homes & offices. Yes as shocking it may seem to be but Buying Plants Online is a new reality. We have put together a detailed guide to buy plants online to ease all your worries.

The internet, for sure, cannot give you assuage of being in a nursery, but it does win over nurseries for the ease of shopping. If you are someone in search of something contrasting to the habitual houseplants, online gardening retailers are the right place for you to choose amongst an array of plants.

The most important advantage of buying plants online is convenience. The product of your choice is often available online and is safely delivered to the comfort of your homes. Ordering plants online is a safer option in this situation as it abides by the guidelines of social distancing, and if you find yourself muddled up, then this is the right place for you.

We’ve put together the answers to prime questions on do’s and don’ts of online plant shopping and the various choices of indoor plants that go well with different set-ups and occasions, hence forming an ultimate guide to buying plants online. This guide can ease your worries about introducing plants into your homes by purchasing them online.

What Plants to Buy?

With so many to choose from, one may easily get confused as to which plant to pick which easily fits in with their lovely home décor whilst bringing the soothing aura of nature inside the home. While most of us buy plants for their ability to clean the air from harmful toxins and create a fresh, clean environment for you and your housemates to breathe in but there can be other compelling reasons to have them at home or office.

Self-answering the questions given below will help you understand what plants you should look to have

  1. Are you looking to have plants for your home which is located in a city where the pollution is rising every second?
  2. Is there many insects, in your home surroundings?
  3. Are you looking at plants as Home Decor?
  4. You would like to keep plants, but you are worried about the maintenance?
  5. Are you looking to make your home/office Vastu/Feng Shui compliant and want some good luck to be shower over your dull life?
  6. Are you buying the plants for Gifting?

Depending on which category you would fall in 1- 6 ( as per your answer above)  we are providing you with a handy reckoner which you can refer to –

  1. Air Purifier Plants

    Indoor air pollution creates an unhealthy environment inside the homes and offices and has been a cause of a multitude of allergic reactions and health issues. If you live in a busy city, then you must consider purchasing these natural air-purifiers. Sick building syndrome is a term used to describe healthy people experiencing health-related acute problems due to indoor pollution in the place they reside or work. Hence, having a plant that effectively and significantly reduces the indoor pollution is a very healthy choice for you and the people you so immensely care about. Although most plants contribute to keeping the air around them fresh and clean, there are certain plants like the snake plant, Pothos and rubber plant that are popular for their high air-purifying properties. If clean air is your priority, then you should certainly check these plants out!

  2. Natural Insect Repellants

    During summers, the insects find their happy place inside your homes and hence cause a lot of stress and mess. They not only cause various health issues but are also very unhygienic. Thankfully nature’s got us covered, as it provides insect repellants plants that very easily fit into the home décor and make the place instantly bright and lovely. Certain houseplants like lavender and rosemary do more than just keeping your house bug-free. They add a spark of green that is sure to uplift the décor of your living space to the next level.

  3. Home Decor Plants

    Though all kinds of plants add to the decor, there are some specific plants which are dedicated to fulfilling this need of ours, and the name Bonsai and Succulents commonly know them. The Bonsai is considered to be an evolving masterpiece for its ability to change shape as it grows. It is a unique Japanese cultivation technique which involves the long term cultivation of miniature trees that mimic the full-grown trees, in a pot. These plants are famous for their uniqueness as a decorative plant and also for what they symbolise. Each bonsai has amazing facts and meaning, which makes them attractive. The Bonsai aesthetics are goals for any décor as they very pleasingly characterise the Japanese tradition. Having a mini tree in a pot is what everyone needs to see! The Ficus Bonsai is known to be the most natural Bonsai to grow as it thrives on low maintenance.

    The Succulents have emerged out to be the most exciting houseplants that are known to add aesthetics to the living spaces and also thrive easily without any attention. Plants like cactus come in various sizes, shapes and colours can easily uplift your mood and the look of your surroundings. Apart from being a lovely décor and low-maintenance plant, the succulents also have plenty of life lessons to teach.

    A simple cactus can teach us values like being patient during harsh conditions, waiting for your time to bloom, emphasising your strong points, soaking up the sunshine and never to give up. It teaches us to be more robust than the situations and to fight our way through. Having such a valuable and great friend is what we genuinely need. If you wish to add uniqueness and something that stands out unforgivingly to your living spaces, this has to be what you are looking for!

  4. Low maintenance Plants

    Since taking care of plants is a tedious task, and some may not find the time for it out of your busy schedules, the plant kingdom has got you all covered too! Many plants, like the Sansevieria plant or the ZZ plant, can easily grow without much care and maintenance; such low maintenance plants are an excellent choice for people who are caught up in work and have no much time at the end of the day to contribute to the plant. These plants very forgivingly condone negligence in care. If you are looking for plants that do not demand much of your attention and thrive well on low maintenance, you should check these plants out and go for the one which best suits the qualities you are looking for.

  5. Vaastu and Feng Shui Plants

    Speaking of Vaastu, the lucky bamboo automatically comes to mind. It is one of the well-known Feng shui inspired indoor plants that have a deeper meaning behind the representation of its stalks. It is considered to be a symbol of luck as it is believed to bring prosperity, love and good fortune along with itself. The symbolism of Lucky bamboo has found an increasingly more prominent place in the modern era. By choosing to get yourself the lucky bamboo, you can quickly transform your homes and offices into spaces of positive energy and security.

  6. Plants – Perfect for gifting

    Green gifting is an interesting way to give a valuable life to your friends, family and your business partners. It shows how much you care for them and look for long term association.

    Why choose plants for gifting?

    – Receiving a fresh new life in designer pots first thing in the morning is the best thing that could ever happen to someone.

    – Helps nature and keeps the environment fresh

    – It is a perfect stress buster anyone needs

    – Stays with the person for long periods and always reminds of you

    It is with no doubt that we have different gifts for different occasions; the same rule applies to green gifting as well. One can never get wrong with gifting plants as they work for Anniversary, Birthdays, Farewells and special occasions like Diwali, New Year etc. Although you can give any plant to your loved ones, some of the commonly appreciated ones depending on your budget are Bamboo, Bonsai or Air Purifying plants.

Methodology to follow when buying plants online

We hope now you are clear which Plants to buy for your needs. Here are some tips that’ll ease your online plant shopping experience:

  • Know your website
    It is vital to assess the online platform from where you purchase the plants. This can be done by taking suggestions from friends and families who might’ve already buy a plant online. You can also read and check blogs of various indoor gardening enthusiasts on social media and other websites. This will help you form an opinion and choose the best retailer to order your plants from.
  • Read customer reviews
    It is widely suggested by indoor gardening experts to read the customer reviews on the website you plan on purchasing from as it helps you form realistic expectations base on previous experiences of other customers.
  • Buy plants that naturally thrive in the environment you have to offer them
    It is essential to analyse and evaluate the environment that you are living in to make sure it is favourable for the plant you decide to bring home. Different plants demand different temperature, water, soil and light requirements; you may want to research slightly about the plants and correlate their favoured elements with the place you stay in. This will help you decide whether it is the right choice for you.
  • Base your expectations on product descriptions and not the picture
     The plant images on various online plant selling platforms are just a representation. Of what the plant will grow up to look like. It does not mean you’ll see the plant as in the image when it arrives. Reading the product descriptions and sellers policies. You will get an exact idea of what your plant will come home as.
  • Always check the online seller’s return policy 

    Always remember to look for generous return policies guarantying safe and secure return when you decide to purchase. If you are not satisfied by their return policies. You may want to rethink purchasing from them. Since it speaks volumes about the quality of the products they are selling. A reassuring return policy indicates that the seller is careful both in packaging your plant and in making sure it’s shipped at the right time. So it isn’t damaged in transit.

  • Opt for online retailers in your State/City for expedited shipping
    More extended shipping periods can stress the plant. It is recommended to opt for online plant retailers in your country, preferably within or close to your city. If you have laid your eyes on a good online seller that is away from your location. Make sure you choose the expedited shipping. The basic rule for plants to remain healthy while shipping is – The fewer days. It spends in transit, the healthier it’s likely to be on arrival. Studies show that the plant must spend less than five days packed to remain healthy.
  • Create Inspiration boards on Pinterest to try out different plant combinations
    While shopping online one obstacle that often gets in the way. Is the fact that you cannot see the plants with other décor pieces to see how well it accents the background and complement the furniture in your house.
  • Permit yourself to experiment
    You should be unapologetically a proud houseplant owner. Allow yourself to experiment with the choice of plants and make sure to enjoy the experience. Do not dwell on the mistakes and try to focus on the positives, always! Your options may be excellent, or it could be something that isn’t just right for your setting and environment. Reassure yourself to make better choices next time, and we all learn from past experiences and mistakes anyway.

What to do when a plant arrives at your home?

One of the significant concerns about buying plants online is the damage that may be caused. To the plants during shipping and delivery. Well, the fear’s right, but it is nothing a little love and extra care can’t fix. Even the plants you may purchase from a shop have been shipped and delivered from some other far-flung places. Hence getting your plants delivered directly to your homes is a very safe and better option.

After-shipping care is an essential step in helping your plant to recover from the trauma and stress. It may have gone through. The plant has had a long journey to your home. Hence treat it like an honoured guest and let it gradually settle and adapt to its new surroundings. The plant may have been deprived of many things; thus, providing tender love and care can help it recover soon and grow faster. The more the love it receives, the faster it adapts to the setting of your homes. Make sure to treat your guest right and provide it with a good environment to thrive in.

If you are new to the house-planting experience or just decide to buy a different plant for the first time. Make sure to educate yourself with all the dos and don’ts for the specific plant. Make sure to check if your environment can provide the plant with its necessities and never make the plant compromise on anything. Suppose your environment doesn’t match the requirement of the plant you should consider purchasing the ones that easily fit in. We all can agree on how much luxury and comfort matters to us, likewise the plant looks for it too; be the one to make your new buddy comfortable so that it finds home in your place.


A simple walk in the park is known to have excellent therapeutic effects which promote a healthy body and mind. It is a great way to relax and rejuvenate yourself from day-long stress and fatigue. This walk-in-the-park experience can easily be bought into your homes by adding houseplants to your home décor. It is a whole new experience to take care of plants as it quickly instils in you core essential values like patience, forgiveness, and determination. Hope your basic queries are answered and you are now ready to buy your favourite plant online