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Plants and Mental health

Plants and Mental health
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Plants and Mental health

Plants are nature’s attempt to give you so space and peace you.  It is so desperately trying to find amidst your chaotic and busy life schedule. They can do more than just help you reach your household aesthetic goals. Whilst beautifully accessorizing and livening up your house. Plants play a vital role in boosting your mood and therefore, enhancing your mental health. Good mental health will help you handle life’s challenges more healthily by staying strong and resilient while fighting all odds. You will also find yourself happier, emotionally healthy, and capable of building strong good relationships with people.

Studies have shown that spending time in a calm, peaceful environment. Like that around plants plays a key role in enhancing the overall well-being of humans. As it improves mood and cognition, reduces the negative effects of stress, boosts physical health and induces so positive feelings. That in turn promote and encourage positive behaviour and reduces anger, frustration and aggression. The benefit of a sound, healthy mind is a never-ending list which only concludes that it is extremely important.

By dedicating your time and effort in nurturing plants inside your homes. You will realise that these plants have a therapeutic effect on your life. And the similarities between your life and the life of the plant. Being a plant parent can provide an insight into your own life and provide solutions to certain issues. That prevail over your life like a so grey cloud.

For example, while parenting your plant you will notice that sometimes to promote healthy growth of the plant. That you will have to cut off certain dead parts that are no longer contributing to the growth process. This particular activity can serve as a reminder to leave behind and let go of anything. That may be stopping your growth as an individual in different stages of life. Apart from that, being around plants that are natural air purifiers. Easily enhances your mood as you breathe in a cleaner, freshly-oxygenated air. There is a direct correlation between plants, mental health and self-care. As having plants directly enhances your mental health which contributes to self-care.

Some of the many benefits of plants on our mental health and self-care are listed below:

1)      Soil – The Natural Antidepressants

Being around the soil and working with it for the plants. It is shown to have very positive effects on your mood. Much like any antidepressants would work. Studies conclude that Soil contains certain useful bacteria. That are responsible for altering the chemical activity of the brain hence promoting positive moods. When humans inhale or come physically in contact with these bacteria. The neurotransmitter serotonin is activated which is responsible for mood regulation.

2)      You feel connected with other types of life forms

You are highly likely to not feel isolated or alone when you engage your time in working with plants. This particular activity connects you to the different forms of life that coexist with humans in the same environment. It is especially good for introverts who are anxious to socialise with other people. But also have a hard time spending alone as it gets monotonous after a while. Plants can be particularly helpful as they serve as good buddies with no real-time expectations and pressure.

3)      Plants teach you how to live in the present

Certain plants like lavender and eucalyptus have a strong pleasant smell that reminds us to live in the moment. Inhaling the scent of such plants will automatically heal you from within; you will feel yourself in the present moment without regrets and thoughts of the past. Or anxiety and worry about your future. Life goes on and everything eventually falls into place. Sometimes we humans need reminders to stop stressing over things. That are not in our control. These plants remind us just that.

4)      Plants induce a sense of responsibility

If you come out as someone forgetful, careless and not so mindful of things around. Being a plant parent will gradually teach you the importance of taking and keeping up responsibilities. It will help you become empathetic and understanding of others. You will gradually notice the outcome of your hard work. As you invest some of your time taking care of them. This can help you realise to give things time and not expect immediate results.


Plants are so great teachers of nature and excellent stress busters. Having them around you will only add to the list of benefits! There is never any harm, and little compromises are always okay when seen in the bigger picture.