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Most Ideal Flowers for Women’s Day

Most Ideal Flowers for Women’s Day
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Can you think of a world without women? It is unimaginable right? Just like yin balances yang, women complement men to make the world a better place to be in. If we think of the contributions of a woman in our life, the list would never end. So if you too have women to be thankful for, this Women’s Day, make sure you pamper them to the fullest!

Send a lovely gift

A great way of saying ‘Thank You’ to all the women in your life would be by sending them a gorgeous gift. A gift is a means of showing your gratitude to them. It is also a way of expressing your love, care and concern towards them. At Flaberry, we have the choicest of gifts that you can give to your dear ones. Each of the gifts is as unique as it is beautiful, just like the women around you. So treat your close ones to a lovely gift and let the smiles spread! 

Choose from the best

We at Flaberry leave no stones un-turned to make sure that every gift is as exquisite as ever. Our collection boasts of a huge variety that comes at an affordable price. A strict curation is maintained to ensure the best quality products for you. Here, you will get everything from spellbinding flowers to dainty plants. We also offer flavorsome chocolates and tasty cakes along with greetings cards, teddy bears and much more. As such, you will have the best of options to browse and buy from!

Special Collection

For those who like their gifts grand and classy, we have a special limited edition Italian collection by the designer Massimo Lanteri. It features gorgeous flowers in magnificent arrangements. Each of these is arranged in an unique design that has a massive aesthetic appeal. The flowers themselves are rich in colour with a petal so velvety it will leave you marveling for hours on end. So if you want your gift to stand out, make sure you take a look at this collection!

Send Women’s Day Gifts|Flaberry

Every woman is a blessing from God. She lights up the world in her own way and makes the lives of those around her even better. There are many women who make us who we are. Starting with our mothers, sisters, friends, girlfriends, colleagues-each of them is special and important. Women’s Day is the perfect occasion to indulge and pamper these women and let them know how wonderful they are. 

Flowers to sweep her off her feet

Flowers are very similar to women themselves. They are beautiful, strong and inherently divine. They spread happiness wherever they go and bring a splash of colour to any dull surroundings. At Flaberry, we have a gigantic collection of exquisite flowers that you can give to the women who make your life special. We have everything from roses and tulips to orchids and gerberas. They all come in myriad hues to paint your world in rainbow colours!

Something sweet for the sweet lady

With Flaberry, the surprises never end. We also offer delightful chocolates and cakes that you can surprise your loved ones with. Our collection features some of the most delicious chocolates such as Ferrero Rocher, Kitkat, Dairy Milk Silk, Bournville to name a few. These come in artistically arranged bouquets and baskets to steal your heart. So order a bunch for your dear one and let her swoon in happiness!

Ideal Gifts for Women’s Day|Flaberry

  1. Flowers: Women are as delicate yet strong, as dainty yet powerful as flowers. So gifting a bouquet of flowers to the lovely women in your life is indeed a great thing to do. At Flaberry,we have a limitless range of gorgeous flowers for Women’s Day. You can choose from the Stylish Rose & Lilies bunch, Pinku bouquet, Bunch of Roses bouquet and more. The choices do not end and neither do the surprises!
  2. Chocolates: Add the touch of sweetness to your bonds with our delectable chocolate bouquets, combos and hampers. Our Best Woman in the World is a brilliant gift that you can give to that special woman in your love. It consists of dark ivory chocolate wrapped up in a beautiful Women’s Day special wrapping. We also have Queen Women Day cubes for the queens in your life. This consists of  two dozen customized chocolate cubes to pamper your lady with!
  3. Cakes: Every special celebration is marked by cake-cutting. You too can add some jazz to the Women’s Day celebrations by ordering a delicious cake. We have everything from chocolate cakes, butterscotch cakes, strawberry cakes and more for you to choose from. We also offer customized cakes to give you the cake of your dreams! So hurry up and order one now!

FAQs about Women’s Day?

  1. What gift can I give to my mother for Women’s Day?
    You can gift her a beautiful flower bouquet or basket such as the Rose and Bear basket, Pink Charm bouquet, Basket of Lily to name a few.
  2. Which bouquet should I give to my girlfriend?
    You can surprise your girlfriend with a bouquet of fresh red roses. The Romantic Rose bouquet or the Bunch of Red Roses for instance, would be great!
  3. Does the gift card come with every order?
    Yes, the complimentary gift card comes with every gift that you order.
  4. What message should I write on the gift card?
    Wish them a Happy Women’s Day and thank them for being around. Any heartfelt wish would be great!
  5. What gift should I give to my sister?
    Give her a wonderful combo containing flowers, chocolates and a teddy bear. We are sure she will love it!
  6. Can I get customized chocolates for Women’s Day?
    Yes. Our Happy Women Day cubes or the Women Day Special cubes are some chocolate boxes that you can customize according to your preferences.
  7. Can you deliver the gift right at midnight?
    Absolutely. Do let us know your preferred time of delivery beforehand so that we can deliver the gift accordingly.

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