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5 Low Maintainence Plants

5 Low Maintainence Plants
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Houseplants have several benefits as they make good home décor and naturally purify the indoor air. There is no sensible reason why you shouldn’t bring home a plant. However, bringing in your first house plant or after a bad experience with your previous plant can be very difficult. For the new to-be houseplant owners it is intimidating to choose from the varieties of plants.

It is necessary to choose a plant that is best suited to the environment we live in and also to our daily schedule. Yes! The plant needs our time as much as any living creature. Often it so happens that our interests of buying an indoor plant contradicts our busy schedule; we rethink decorating our homes with indoor plants as we won’t be able to take care of them which will eventually lead to their death. If you find yourself in the previously mentioned situation then you’ve come to the right place.

For your first time or after a very bad experience, you might want to choose a more forgiving and low maintenance plant. From helping you choose the right plant to keeping them alive and happy, here’s all you need to know!


1)   Snake Plant

Popularly known as the mother in law’s tongue, this plant thrives in low light conditions and does not demand much of your attention for its watering, fertilizing and repotting needs. It is also popular for its air purifying properties. A beautiful, easy-to-maintain indoor plant that easily fits into your home décor, thrives in low light, absorbs toxins and chemicals from the air and converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, who doesn’t want to bring this plant home?

2)   Philodendron

Philodendron is a very exotic and tropical plant, yet is extremely easy to grow. It requires occasional watering. In fact, watering more than once a week will kill the plant. With lush green heart-shaped foliage the Philodendron makes a striking addition to your home interiors. It is known to effectively clean the air by removing formaldehyde that causes various health problems in humans. This plant is an elegant and healthy choice of home décor.

3)   Areca Palm

The Areca Palms is a low maintenance exotic plant ideal for relatively larger indoor spaces as they can grow up to 7feet in height. The long green fronds add to the aesthetic décor of your indoor spaces. They appreciate regular watering and occasional repotting. However, they do not show immediate signs when not watered for a few days. It is popular for being a natural air purifier and non-toxic to pets.

4)   The lucky Bamboo plant

The popular feng shui plant is believe to be very auspicious as it attracts good fortune to the residents of the place it is grown in. It can easily be grown in either water or soil and does not have any high demands.  This is more ideal to grow the lucky bamboo in water as re-potting becomes easier, however, the water must be changed every 2 weeks. It appreciates indirect sunlight and can be kept in any warm corners of your homes or offices. Moreover, these plants can be prun to form various organic shapes and patterns which perfectly adds to the aesthetics of your home interior.

5)   Succulents

Succulents are a great choice of plants for new plant parents as they require super low maintenance. When we say “super low” we mean it! Here’s a fact to prove it – regularly watering your succulents causes them to rot. These plants have very low watering demands; water them twice a month and you’re good to go! Yes, they are that easy. Moreover, they come in several varieties and colours and go well with the furniture and décor of your homes.

Plants can only go down to the level of low-maintenance and never to no-maintenance. Hence, it is necessary to know that every plant has its own demands, some may demand less whereas others might demand more. When you invest your money on a plant, it is essential to analyze if you can invest your time in them too! Because, without your time and attention, no plant can survive. It is very easy to understand if you look at them as living creatures just like pets or a long-term house guest.

Though these above mentioned plants do often take care of their needs, it is necessary to occasionally check up on them and nurture them with the well-deserved love and care. Remember, no relationship works one way; to strengthen the bond with your plant you must brighten its day with love just like it brightens your day with fresh air and the beautiful look of your room.