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Green Gifting – Why is it great?

Green Gifting – Why is it great?
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What is Green Gifting and why is it perfect?

We constantly hunt for the perfect gift that will leave the person we’re gifting amazed and speechless. We put in all the efforts to make them happy and fill their day with warmth and contentment. At some point, we are stuck in an endless battle with ourselves where we just can’t decide what to give. Has that ever happened to you?

Let’s Help with you a suggestion – Green Gifts – Have you heard of them?

Everyone knows the endless benefits of green plants. Have you ever sat under a tree on a really warm day and immediately felt the cool air hit you? Well, that’s because green plants release a steady stream of fresh oxygen and moisture into the atmosphere. This helps keep the atmosphere around green plants cool, which reduces the rise in temp and helps in maintaining a more soothing environment. Crazy, right? It’s like the perfect gift to give someone you love; it practically screams “I care about you and your health.”

Why You should try Plants as gifts?

So, why exactly is green gifting emphasized so much, and what exactly are the benefits of green gifting?

This time, let us step up our game and opt for eco-friendly gifts rather than conventional gifts. Green gifting is the best eco-friendly option. It is like giving a life to someone you care about.

  • Gifting a plant means gifting a life. It is the healthiest option of a gift as it aims to enhance and preserve our nature.
  • Since, having plants around is extremely beneficial to health, giving them around as gifts signify to the receiver that you really care for them. The environment today is slowly depleting due to unhealthy practices by humans. Eco-friendly gifting can help ensure its continued longevity.
  • Moreover, plants are a very integral part of nature that helps relax and rejuvenate one’s mind. Nature’s soothing aura radiates peaceful vibes in its surroundings. Gifting it to someone you so dearly love will allow them to cherish the joy of having a natural stress buster and a lovely natural home décor.

Benefits of Green Gifting for the Environment;

  • When gifting a plant or a biodegradable material. We can be absolutely sure that the objects are easily decomposed. Which in turn ensures that garbage does not remain on the land. Unlike plastic wastes which take years to decompose.
  • Gifting green helps promote a healthy and clean environment. When we gift green, we can ensure that we have reduced or at least neutralized a little bit of our carbon footprints on this Earth.
  • Eco-friendly gifts help rid the environment of harmful impurities, this helps make sure that we live in a greener, cleaner and a fresher environment. Furthermore, you’re making sure that your loved one breathes in the clean fresh air because plants get rid of toxic impurities in the air. In a way, you’re telling them that you care about their health and want them to live a long life with healthy lungs.
  • We cannot overlook the aesthetic effects of gifting green. There are just so many beautiful plants to choose from, it adds a lot of elegance and increases the aesthetic pleasure of any area it is kept in. All of these benefits while keeping the environment clean? Count us in!

Gift Plants today to bring Some cheer

Things like chocolates, scrapbooks, perfumes, and other forms of gifts are meaningful as well. But imagine if you bought someone something that makes them happy AND helps the environment? Green gifting is a great way to ensure the happiness of both the earth and your loved one.

Aforementioned are the  small steps we can take to ensure that the Earth as well as the people around us is in the best of health.