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Five Plants that Talk Language of Love

Five Plants that Talk Language of Love
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Five Plants that Talk Language of Love

Houseplants are beneficial in several ways but did you know they also speak the language of love? Interesting. If you often find it difficult to rightfully express your emotions to your significant other, then worry no more, the plant kingdom has you covered. Several plants effortlessly convey and express what your heart’s been trying to do all along. From ordinary leaves with a hidden meaning to cordate leaves with very distinct meaning the varieties are endless. They are the most heartfelt and ecofriendly buddies that will very effortlessly convey your feelings to your partner, without you having to say a word. The lush green and colourful foliage will constantly remind your significant other of the unconditional selfless love that you have for them. Moreover, having a plant, given by someone as an expression of love, around you will make their presence be felt.

Having said how easily plants can convey the message of your heart directly to the other heart, here’s a list of five plants that can help you.

  • Laceleaf

The laceleaf, also called the Anthurium, has big, leathery heart-shaped leaves that need no further explanation. The hearts, widely recognized as the symbol of love, in the form on leaves that grow into a beautiful plant, what more do you need? Well, surprisingly this plant has more to offer. Apart from the foliage, the bright red bloom of this plant is heart-shaped too! This amazing plant is the perfect expression of your undying love for your partner.

  • The Philodendron

Philodendron is a very exotic and tropical plant that comes with a lush green heart-shaped foliage which is sure to add romance into the air around you. Moreover, it is extremely easy to take care of.  The Philodendron makes a striking addition to your home interiors. It is known to effectively clean the air by removing formaldehyde that causes various health problems in humans. This plant is not only an elegant and healthy choice of home décor. But a perfect choice for the expression of your love for your romantic partner.

  • Syngonium

Commonly known as the arrowhead plant for the unique shape of its leaves, the Syngonium is a well-loved houseplant for the benefits and symbolism of five feng shui elements it serves. It is a hard-to-kill plant as it thrives on low water and lighting conditions. This plant comes in a lot of varieties, all of which are known to have unique heart or arrow-shaped leaves and to naturally purify the air from harmful toxins.

  • Succulents

Succulents are a great choice of plants for gifting as they are very trendy and perfect for new plant parents since they require super low maintenance. When we say “super low” we mean it! Here’s a fact to prove it – regularly watering your succulents causes them to rot. They come in various colours like pink and yellow and is so sure put a smile on your loved one. These plants have very low watering demands; water them twice a month and you’re good to go! Yes, they are that easy. Moreover, it comes in several varieties and colours and goes well with the furniture and décor of your homes.

  • Red Aglaonema

If you are someone who associates the colour red with the expression and symbolism of love. Then this plant stands perfect to convey the unconditional love you have for your partner. The red Aglaonema comes with attractive shades pink and red over green foliage. Which is sure to add a bold striking yet soft romantic touch to the air around you. Moreover, it is one of the easiest plants to grow which means your partner gets to grow and keep it with them for years