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Five Plants for your Bathrooms

Five Plants for your Bathrooms
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Five Plants for your Bathrooms

When we talk about interior décor we often refer to living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. However, certain forgotten places of the home like the bathrooms are also in much need of some texture and warmth. In a minimalistic household, bathrooms are often neglected when it comes to décor and aesthetic touch-ups, but adding an elegant décor can only make your bathrooms more relaxing and comforting. If you feel that it is not so ideal to spend on décor for the bathroom. You may opt for minimal styling just enough to bring in the well-required warmth, texture and relaxing vibes.

The perfect option for a low-cost bathroom styling definitely has to be houseplants. Yes, you read that right! Plants that thrive in humid and warm conditions are the best options for your bathrooms as they create an energizing environment and transform it into your own personal oasis. Some plants are perfectly suitable for the low-light and high humid conditions of your bathroom.

The bathroom air is said to be the most impure of all inside your entire home with undesirable microorganisms that can easily be inhaled by you while you spend your time inside. Plants are an ideal choice to tackle this issue as they help purify and improve the quality of the air by absorbing harmful toxins and unwanted bacteria. They also absorb excess moisture and create a peaceful environment for you to relax in. Imagine going in for a bath and feeling like you are relaxing in one of the beaches in Hawaii! Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Get this relaxing, vacation vibes right at your home with the following beautiful houseplants that work best in a bathroom environment.

  • Snake Plant

This striped yellow-green beauty is an absolute favourite of all plant parents. This well-known natural air purifier strives to remove major indoor toxins like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. The MILT Sansevieria is the beacon of positivity and blessing for good health. It thrives on low maintenance and produces fresh oxygen, even at night! Along with fresh air, these plants very effortlessly add joy to any place it is kept in.

  • Golden Pothos

The Golden Pothos is a low-maintenance plant that does more than just add tropical affect your idle bathroom. With its dull golden and green variegated foliage. It helps purify the air by removing hazardous chemicals. They adapt well to low lighting and humid environment of your bathroom. The golden pothos is sure to win your heart with their splendour.



  • Peace Lily

In an elegant pot, the Peace Lily is an best choice as its requirement of low light to beautifully grow will work wonders in your bathrooms. With its wide, broad deep green leaves this plant is an excellent air-purifier that neutralizes the toxins in the air around you, giving you clean and fresh air to breathe in while using the bathroom. It removes harmful toxins like formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia.

  • ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant usually grows in extremely low levels of light and is a great choice of plant for windowless bathrooms. This plant appreciates staying in not-so-bright-corners, hence proving it to be a low-maintenance houseplant apt for places like your bathroom. Besides being a lovely home décor, it is also a natural air purifier. That will freshen its surrounding with pure oxygenated air for you to breathe in.

5)   Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant is a very well-known and popular succulent. That is not only compatible to match with the aesthetic goals for your indoor décor. But also have multiple benefits to human health. It purifies the air by absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide and producing fresh oxygen for you to breathe in.