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Five must-have plants for your home

Five must-have plants for your home
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Five must-have plants for your home

Homes are more than just a place of living. They are a feeling and something our heart is so dearly attach to; they are our ultimate comfort zones. There is no denying that home is where the heart is and is also the place where we find our peace and it is always a good idea to decorate and brighten up the living spaces. To adorn your home, you don’t always have to resort to furniture or accessories. Introducing gorgeous green and the most natural beauty. Nature has to offer into your homes can be a very interesting and innovative addition to your home décor. Get a plant to add to the interior décor of your homes and experience the nature’s relaxing and soothing aura being spread inside that keeps you and the people you’re living with positive and happy throughout the day.

Here is a list of five must-have plants for your homes

  • Aglaonema

The Aglaonema comes in different varieties ranging from the attractive shades of pink and red over the green to completely green foliage with traces of silver or lighter shades of green. This look of the plant is sure to add a bold striking yet soft tranquil touch to the air around you. This plant is known for its symbolism of long life. It will look particularly good when placed in the entrance area of any home. Moreover, it is one of the easiest houseplants to grow.

  • Areca Palm

The Areca Palms is a low maintenance exotic plant ideal for relatively larger indoor spaces as they can grow up to 7feet in height. The long green fronds add to the aesthetic décor of your indoor spaces. They appreciate regular watering and occasional repotting. However, they do not show immediate signs when not watered for a few days. It is popular for being a natural air purifier and non-toxic to pets.

  • Snake plant

This striped green beauty is a natural air purifier that thrives on low maintenance and purifies the air. Therefore, by absorbing toxins like formaldehyde and benzene, producing fresh oxygen, even at night! Yes, this yellow striped elegant beauty releases oxygen even at night, making itself an amazing choice of bedroom plant. Along with fresh air, these plants very effortless add joy to any place it is kept in.

  • ZZ Plant

Native to Eastern Africa this plant is usually grown for ornamental purposes and is a great choice of plant for living rooms and hallways. This plant appreciates staying in not-so-bright-corners, hence proving it to be a low-maintenance houseplant. Besides being a lovely home décor. It is also a natural air purifier that will freshen its surrounding with pure oxygenated air for you to breathe in.


  • Peace Lily

In an elegant pot also the Peace Lily is an absolute best addition to your homes as it is popular for producing oxygen at night. Making itself a great addition to your bedrooms. With its wide, broad deep green leaves this plant is an excellent air-purifier that neutralizes the toxins in the air around you. Giving you clean and fresh air to breathe in while working. It removes harmful toxins like formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia. It requires occasional watering and thrives in low lighting conditions.