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DIY – Turn Your Old Stuff to Garden

DIY – Turn Your Old Stuff to Garden
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DIY – Turn Your Old Stuff to Garden

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle has been the standard motto of eco-friendly living for a very long time now. This houseplants or considering to buy some, then you are already taking the first step towards healthy living. They make our own garden décor we may require many accessories like planters or baskets.

Moreover, creating a garden will be high on cost and if you don’t have it all under your budget, it may get a little tricky. If you wish to create a fancy garden but not invest extra on fancy accessories. This in every household into elegant and impressive garden décor like furniture, decorations, pots, benches, etc. that will enhance and beautify your garden at no extra cost.

Most of the garden décor gives an impressive look. A little help and guidance is sure to bring in interesting ideas for you to enhance the look of your garden. Here are some DIY projects that you can use in your garden:

1)      Useless car or bicycle tires

Car tires that have been subtly punctured and cannot be used anymore with your car? Don’t worry, this will go perfectly fine in your garden. We use strong tapes like duct tapes etc. You can then turn this into fancy planters by fixing a strong reliable base and adding soil in the space between. They can grow grass or other plants that don’t grow very tall in length.

2)      Old broken furniture

If you are shifting or replacing your old furniture with new, don’t throw away small drawers and cabinets, cupboard doors etc. which may be useful in your garden décor.  This paint the doors which will make it awesome.

Small drawers can be used as hanging baskets for long trailing vines or just as simple planters in your garden. Fill them with soil for a picturesque look of your garden.

3)      Light bulbs

You may have a ton of light bulbs lying around just uselessly in some of your old storage drawers. Hey, why not upcycle them into fascinating and unique planters for the garden? Remove the filament part of the bulb from below and add soil or water inside. Place your place inside and hang them on walls.

4)      Paint cans

Do you have old paint cans? These tin cans are the perfect aesthetic for a garden! Wash them up and use them as planters in your garden.  You can do the same with tea tins.

5)      Toy trucks, it is time to use those toy trucks into fancy planters. The back of the truck can easily be filled with soil and few roots can be planted. This will give a very aesthetic look to your garden .