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Colourful Cactus – Lets Learn More

Colourful Cactus – Lets Learn More
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COLOURFUL CACTUSLet’s learn more

Succulents are those plants that have thickened fleshy parts that store water and retain it in harsh and dry conditions. Succulents are the easiest choice of houseplants to grow as they have very less requirements and can withstand long negligence periods. There are a variety of succulents that are no less than one another. Each plant adds elegance and aesthetic to the look of any room it is kept in. It is one of the best plants to have as a beginner in plant care. The water storing tissues allow them to survive harsh and dry conditions by supplying water. Hence, these plants are sure to thrive much longer even if you forget to water them. Since they easily survive tropical climates, if you live in cities that have hot and humid climates, this plant is definitely the best choice.

One of the most common succulent is the cacti. The cacti is a very beautiful and common desert plant. They are perfectly adapted to live in harsh dry climates like that of a desert. They require very less water and overwatering causes them to die. Their watering needs are as low as once in two weeks. The growth rate of cacti is very slow, but this is acceptable when looked at the pros of having this plant. The cacti is a self-sustaining plant as it stores moisture in its roots, stems and leaves and regulates its own food intake. It appreciates brightness, air and warmth. The easiest way to destroy a cactus is by overwatering them. Hence, it is better to underwater them than to pour in a lot of water that may cause the plant to die.

Cacti are all flowering plants that flower with colourful blooms in their blooming period. However, it is a little tricky to get your cacti to flower as they flower on fresh growth. If your cacti looks healthy, it is highly likely that you expect it to bloom; this just means that there is no growth of your cacti and hence it will not flower. The plant has to be allowed to follow its natural growth cycle wherein it goes dormant in winters and wakes up in spring season. In order for the cactus to do so, it is necessary you place it in someplace dry and cold in shade, but not completely dark, during winters and bring it out into the sunshine and regularly water it during the spring. This will allow the cactus to grow and hence it will flower.

There are various varieties of cactus available, each with a unique and interesting colour of its own. The standard cactus is green in colour and the mutant variety is usually grafted over it, this process is called grafting and these cacti are known as grafted cacti.

The various varieties of cacti that can easily stay indoors and qualify as houseplants are:

1)   Christmas Cactus

This variety of cactus has a very pretty and elegant soft pink bloom that grows every year during the holiday season and hence it names the Christmas cactus. It demands more watering than other types and appreciates warm humid climates.

2)   Barrel Cactus

The Barrel cactus is cylindrical in shape and is very prickly due to its outward growth of thorns. Funnily enough, it is name the mother-in-law’s cushion. It appreciates plenty of sunlight and is require to be water once or twice every three months.

3)   Star cactus

Also called the sea urchin, this cactus makes an ideal indoor plant. It is small and can be place on tabletops to add a great aesthetic touch to the overall look of your room. It has yellow or white flowers that are the most eye-catching beauty to ever exist!

4)   Moon Cactus

This is a grafted cactus which has become a very popular addition to the indoor décor. The upper half is a bright colour cactus in shades of either pink, yellow or blue and the lower half is the standard green colour cactus. However, the disadvantage of this pretty succulent is their comparatively shorter life span.

5)   Easter Cactus

The Easter cactus is an elegant and pretty addition to your indoor garden. The green segments perfectly add to the natural décor; to top it all it blooms in early spring and the flowers grow in pretty pink shades that add beauty to the overall look of the plant and the room.