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Blog – Milestone Birthdays – Lets decode them

Blog – Milestone Birthdays – Lets decode  them
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Milestone Birthdays – Lets decode them


Every birthday is special. It marks a day for us to celebrate another year of our beautiful life. But, some of our birthdays are extra-special. They mark a milestone in our life. Listed below are some of the landmark birthdays and what they stand for:


  1. 1st Birthday: This birthday is special for the obvious reason that it is our first one. Although we might be too young to remember it, it makes for a lifetime of memories. This day features some of the cutest photos in our baby album. It is also a very special day for our parents. On this day, they get to celebrate the first year of their little angel’s entry into their life!


  1. 5th Birthday: This is probably the first milestone birthday that gets etched in our memory. It marks our journey from the toddler to the kid phase. Most become school-going kids by this time. This birthday thus stands for our transition into a more aware and responsible stage.


  1. 16th Birthday: The sweet sixteenth is a special occasion. It is celebrated with much enthusiasm all over the world. This birthday celebrates the beginning of our young-adult life. We are no longer considered as mere kids. This day is thus like a rite of passage onto the road of adulthood. 


  1. 18th Birthday: This milestone of a day finally deems us as an adult in most countries. It is an official occasion to mark that we are of a legal age. Most of us also get our voting rights around this time. This acknowledges us as adult citizens with opinions that count. In many countries, this is also the legal age to marry. 


  1. 21st Birthday: In various countries, this is the legal age for indulging in certain activities. This includes consumption of alcohol and smoking legally. Many countries also allow for a firearms permit at this age. In India, this is also the legal age for men to marry. 
  2. 30th Birthday: Though many see it as a sad occasion, it is actually not so. By this age, most of us turn into responsible adults. We become independent and mature enough to be responsible, by this time. It also marks the beginning of a settled family-life for many.


  1. 40th Birthday: This day officially ushers in our middle-aged life. We are old enough to handle our as well as others’ responsibility. We are surrounded by the family or work that we love. It can be a frustrating time owing to the mid-life crisis. But if we see it as a new phase of our life, the excitement would never stop!


  1. 50th Birthday: Completing half a century is a special milestone in itself. Hence, this is considered as the golden birthday. It is a great time to look back on all that you have achieved. 


  1. 60th Birthday: In most countries,you officially become a senior citizen this day onwards. This is when your retirement begins. You can finally sit back and enjoy the relaxation. Spending time doing things you love becomes a boon at this time.


  1. 90th Birthday: Having reached senility, this birthday marks a major transformation. If you look back, you can wonder at how things have changed. You would probably have your grandchildren grown up by now. You can pass on your rich experiences and insights to them.


  1. 100th birthday: This day is as rare as it comes. Not many hit the three-digit mark. So if you are one of them, it is a moment to treasure. A century of life later, your journey would seem as beautiful as it is fulfilling!


So here you have all the milestone birthdays listed out. These days are as special as they come. Hence, make sure you celebrate them with aplomb!