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Blog – How to make First Birthday celebration of your Kid Special

Blog – How to make First Birthday celebration of your Kid Special
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How to make First Birthday celebration of your Kid Special


A baby is a blessing for the parents. They turn around their parent’s lives for the better. And with them, they bring a whole lot of love and happiness. If you have a little angel in your life, make sure you cherish and pamper them. They will grow up so fast, this baby phase will pass in a jiffy. So it is important that you document every special moment of their childhood. Starting with their very first birthday!

Here, we have listed some ways in which you can make your kid’s first birthday special:


  1. Birthday rituals: Different countries have different rituals associated to this day. In India, the baby’s head is shaved. This is said to cleanse them of all past-life sins. Many are taken to the temple to receive blessings. In Egypt, homes are decorated with symbols of life.The decorations are made with fruits and fresh flowers. So if your culture has some specific first birthday rituals, follow them with dedication.  


  1. Food Fiesta: In many cultures, the baby is given their first solid food on this day. Feasts are organized and lavish spreads are laid out. Any occasion is incomplete without some delicious food. So make sure you cook up a storm and amaze everyone. Also keep your baby’s health in mind. If needed, prepare less spicier and healthier versions of the food for them to taste. This way, you can keep both your baby and the guests happy!


  1. Baby photoshoots: This is the perfect time to make memories! These memories will last a lifetime. So make sure you document them in photographs. You can organize baby photoshoots. Many professional photographers are available for these tasks these days. They will capture the most adorable photographs of your baby. Years from now, these would definitely make you smile!


  1. Fun and games: This happy time calls for an even happier family gathering. This day would see many of your family members coming from far and wide. To keep them engaged, organize some fun games. This will bring in more joy to the occasion. Your baby too will love to be a part of this merriment. This thus presents the perfect opportunity for some family bonding!


  1. Something symbolic: To mark this fortunate occasion, you can do something symbolic. For instance, you can plant a tree in your baby’s name. As your baby grows up, so will the tree. It is symbolic of the new life you have been blessed with. Besides, planting a tree is a sustainable approach for the celebrations too. So you can celebrate your birthday while going green!


  1. Write a letter: You can write letters to your child on each birthday. To start with this one. Write about how happy you are to have them. About your parenting experiences. And also about some fun memories, you made along the way. You can hand these over to your kid when they turn 18. This will be a very special way of expressing your love. And your memories cherished forever within these letters!


With these ideas, you can make your baby’s first birthday extraordinary! So cut the wait. Get planning and make this day a memorable one for everybody!