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Blog – How to Celebrate Birthdays in Covid Era

Blog – How to Celebrate Birthdays in Covid Era
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The coronavirus pandemic has halted our busy lives. It has caged us in our homes. We can no longer step out of our home at will. This has subsequently affected many celebrations. This includes the stop it has put to birthday celebrations. It is, however, extremely necessary to follow social distancing rules. We should not put the lives of others at risk just to have our fun. 


So how can we celebrate birthdays during this time? Does this mean we have to skip it this year? Fortunately, the answer is no. You can still celebrate your birthday and follow norms too. Wonder how? Read on to find out!


  1. Shift the party online: Video-calling apps are a saviour in these times. They allow you to get all your friends together in one platform. So even if you can’t meet up in person, you can do it online! All of you will be at your home. This means that no social distancing norms will be flouted. Real-time wishes to online cake-cutting-you can do it all. You can even turn up the music and dance your heart out!


  1. Play online games: Missing the fun party games? There’s no need to fret! There are many fun apps that allow you to play online games with your friends. From Truth and Dare to Uno, they have it all. You can even indulge in a Monopoly or gaming tournament. This will bring all your friends together. It will also make sure you have a good time!


  1. Dress up: Who says you can only dress up to go out? You can now dress up to stay in! So get that make-up palette out. Bring out that lovely dress. Dust off that classic tuxedo. Style your hair. And get your charisma on. Now that you are all dolled up, get clicking! You will get some amazing birthday photographs. You can also flaunt that birthday outfit with aplomb!


  1. Talent show: If it is the birthday of a special one, make it even more special! You can do this by unleashing your inner talent. Make dance videos or song videos, dedicated to the birthday girl or boy. They will love seeing you in action. You can also make funny videos. This will guarantee bouts of laughter. It will also help them feel your presence, even if you are far away.


  1. Stream a movie: Many streaming services like Netflix, allow you to stream videos together. So you can now watch your favourite show in sync! You can pause, play and discuss at will. So it will give you the whole theatre experience right at your home. So switch on your laptops and get streaming!


  1. Send a gift: Even if you can’t go over, a gift can! Delivery services these days are following stringent procedures. They ensure that all the safety protocols are followed. So whatever you order, will reach its destination safely. You can send over flowers, chocolates or cakes. This will definitely make the birthday boy or girl’s day!


If the will is strong, nothing can go wrong. So despair no more and plan out the party. Years later, this Covid celebration will become a memory in itself. So make it a good one!