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Blog – 7 Stages of Birthday Celebration Cycle over Lifetime

Blog – 7 Stages of Birthday Celebration Cycle over Lifetime
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7 Stages of Birthday Celebration Cycle over Lifetime

We all know of the famous play, As You Like It, by William Shakespeare. It features an epic poem called Seven Ages of Man. This poem says that there are seven important stages in a man’s life. They are- the infant, the schoolboy, the lover, the soldier, the judge, the old man, and the senile, extremely aged man. With age, our manners and outlook change. As such, the birthday celebration cycle changes too. Below, we have listed out the 7 stages of the birthday celebration cycle over a lifetime:

  1. Baby stage: At this stage, we are too young to understand most things. We are unlikely to remember our birthday celebrations at this age. It is, however, very important to our parents. They celebrate our birthday as a means to cherish our presence. They make memories that would last a lifetime.

2. School-kid stage: We are no longer babies at this point. We can thus enjoy the celebrations to their hilt. We look forward to the birthday party. Often, a lot of planning is put into executing the parties. The friends, the cake, the gifts- all of it is special to us. They give us memories to cherish forever. This is the stage when birthdays are the most innocent and joyful affairs.

3. Adolescent stage: At this stage, family birthday celebrations generally graduate to parties with friends. We make elaborate birthday plans. It ranges from sleepovers to movie nights to dance parties and so on. The birthday celebrations thus go from cute to cool.

4. Coming of age stage: This is the point when we finally become adults. We legally allowed to do as we please. As such, the celebrations often take a wilder turn. We wish to exercise our new-found freedom. It is our first big step as an adult. So, this day is extremely important to us.

5. Family-man stage: This is the phase when we reach middle-age. We are surrounded by our loving family or friends. We often lose excitement about our own birthday. Instead, our loved ones initiate the celebrations. It is thus a great time for family bonding.

6. Growing-old stage: At this point, the greys of our hair start becoming more prominent. Most become senior citizens around this stage. Birthdays often become exclusive family affairs. The jazz and the craziness is replaced by a quiet and happy celebration.

7. Senile stage: It is the stage when we become too old to register for birthday celebrations. They become normal days for us. But, if our family celebrates it, it can make us feel special. We might be too old for cakes or gifts. But, the presence of the ones who matter is the best gift for us. Birthdays thus become an opportunity for us to cherish our time on earth.

These are the 7 major stages of birthday celebrations throughout our life. It varies and alters with changing times. At every stage, it gains a new meaning. But, the importance of this day remains unchallenged. So somehow or the other, this day manages to maintain its charm!

last a lifetime.