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Blog – 6 Super Reasons to celebrate your Birthday

Blog – 6 Super Reasons to celebrate your Birthday
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6 Super Reasons to celebrate your Birthday

Our birthday is that one day of the year when we get a king or queen’s treatment. It is the day when everyone is invariably nice to us. Birthday celebrations can die out as we age. But there is no reason for you to lose hope. There is a lot more to birthdays than you can think of. So don’t give up on the chance to celebrate this day. Read on to find out 6 reasons to celebrate your birthday:


  1. Feel royal: If you want a royal treatment, this is the day for you! Everybody would love to please you on this day. They will turn up with your favourite things. Be it delicious food or amazing gifts. This is also a day when people would listen to your whims. So if you have a wish, this is the day to get it granted. 


  1. Family-time: Birthdays are a great time for family get-togethers. All your favourite aunts, uncles and cousins would gather just for you. Nothing can be better than that! You can indulge in some happy family time. You can play fun games or relive happy memories. All the while, you would be making new ones!


  1. Grab those deals: Birthdays have major perks in the form of offers and deals. Many restaurants offer a complimentary cake if you tell them it’s your birthday. Some arrange for a Happy Birthday serenade too. Your favourite shopping websites can offer you lovely deals. Apart from this, you can also get complimentary bounties in various other shops. In brands where customer birthdays are celebrated, you would get many more deals to die for!


  1. Gifts and more: All of us love gifts and surprises. Birthdays are the days when we get showered with gifts. From our favourite books to much-wanted cosmetics, gifts cover it all. Even more special than the material gifts are the heartfelt ones. A bouquet of roses with a warm message. A hand-made greetings card. All of it adds a personal touch to the celebrations!


  1. Do it for the cake: Who doesn’t love cake? We all do. Birthdays are incomplete without yummy cakes. It is the perfect excuse for you to ditch the diet for the day. So you can dive into your guilty pleasure, without feeling the guilt! There are all sorts of cakes for the cake-lovers. Mango cakes, chocolate cakes, home-made cakes and so on. They even come with beautiful designs and frostings. You can always use the excess frosting for the ultimate cake-fight!


  1. Memories for a lifetime: Your birthday celebration will give you a lot to look back on. When you grow older, these memories will make you happy. Each and every silly things you did. All the happy moments you spent. All the photographs you took. One day, you would look back on it and elate!


Birthdays are a great time to express our thankfulness. The gift of life that we have been given must be cherished. This is the day to be grateful about all that you have. So don’t let this chance slip. Get going and let the birthday balloons pop!