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7 Different Kind of Rose Flower Arrangements

7 Different Kind of Rose Flower Arrangements
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7 Different Kind of Rose Flower Arrangements

Why go for the same old flower arrangement when you have various other exciting options available? With a wide range of collections, roses give you the opportunity to be fun and spontaneous.

They are the most sought after flowers because of their versatile nature. Buyers have a variety of styles and arrangements to shop from. Simply put, roses have something for everyone! This can be a liberating as well as confusing experience.

To save you from any such confusion we have prepared a comprehensive list of various rose flower arrangements:

1.     Vase Arrangement

The roses arranged in a vase are an exquisite sight to behold. Not only are the vases convenient to place but also easy to maintain. A great conversation starter, a vase full of roses is the most attractive decor piece. The vases come in different shapes– cylindrical, bud, and square. Moreover, you can even choose between different materials– ceramic, glass, metal, and wood. The variety you get is simply endless!

2.     Classic Bouquet Arrangement

Another way to win someone’s heart is to give them a bouquet of roses. The bouquet can be monochromatic as well as multi-colored.

The wrappings may include handmade paper, tissue paper, cellophane paper, and jute. Ribbons in playful colors and seasonal fillers adorn the rose bouquet to give it a fuller look.

To top it all, you can even personalize the bouquet by adding the recipient’s favorite chocolates and candies!

3.     Heart-Shaped Arrangement

The roses arranged in the shape of a heart are the perfect way to say “I Love You”.  This arrangement requires a large number of roses and reflects a grand gesture.

Besides being a beautiful way to propose to your girlfriend, it also conveys that you have lost your heart to them!

It makes a perfect décor piece for occasions like Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversaries. Coupled with chocolates and a teddy, this rose arrangement is all you need to create a long-lasting impression on your partner!

4.     Basket Arrangement

A basket full of roses is no less than a fairy-tale setting. The spilling brightness of red roses contained in a basket will definitely give you Red Riding Hood feels!

For simpler occasions, roses are arranged in a small basket with a handle, while the multi-layered baskets are used for bigger celebrations.  The basket can also include other goodies like select chocolates and teddy.

Imagine the amazing photos that your girlfriend can click with a basket full of roses! She will definitely be overjoyed to receive this rose arrangement.

5.     Wreath Arrangement

A wreath of roses is a beautiful assortment that is created in the form of a circular ring. The wreath arrangement has been used as a  household decorative piece, since ancient times.

By placing a beautiful rose wreath on your doors or walls, you can make your home look like a royal castle too. During festivals like Christmas and Diwali or special occasions like weddings and anniversaries, a rose wreath is all you need to complete the decorations!

The circular garland symbolizes celebration and honor. It is woven with roses, other flowers, green leaves, and foliage. It is a beautiful gift for festivals, weddings, birthdays, and housewarming parties. Floral wreaths are also worn as a hair accessory.


6.     Letter shaped Arrangement  

If you are someone who struggles with words or gets nervous every time you approach your crush, then the rose arrangement in letters is the perfect choice for you.

The arrangements may include the three letters- I L U that says “I Love You” or single letters like ‘S’ or ‘L’.

Place the arrangement as a decorative piece, while you convey your feelings to that special someone. And watch them light up with joy! This rose arrangement is all the backup confidence you need to confess your emotions!

7.     Tall centerpiece Arrangement

Roses, green leaves, and foliage weave around the tall centerpiece arrangement, making it a wonderful décor item!

The exquisite sight of the arrangement will leave the visitors in awe. And the sweet aroma of the roses will soothe the overall ambiance.

The tall decorative arrangements of roses are a perfect choice for weddings, anniversaries, proposals, birthdays, and cocktail parties. Indeed, a brilliant way to mesmerize your guests!

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